Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Points of Discusion (online meeting) or in Person

Network and Security:
Keep your business data secure and protected

Network security is not just about protection from hackers and viruses - it’s also about protecting your business from losing time and money to extensive downtime. Small business owners are especially challenged to balance open employee access with the need to protect their network from harm.

ProIT  can help you strike the right balance with:

* Security Analysis - a complete risk profile created by our security experts
* Security Appliances - integrated solutions that provide complete protection
* Security Policies - designed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data
* Security Point Solutions - to safeguard your systems from intrusion, viruses, and spam

Professional Services:

* Disaster Recovery Planning and Response (BC) Business Continuity. Disk to Disk Backup with off site Storage in two data centers.
* Off-site Backup
* SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
* Website Lead Generation

Professional IT Services:

* Laptops/PCs
* Monitoring/Reporting
* Security & Maintenance
* Server/routers
* ProCare Package

Project Management:

* Work flow Strategies
* Systems Integration
* Forms Management

Content Management:

* Document Management Software (ECM)
* Backfile Conversion (taking paper to digital)
* Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Telecommunication Solutions:

* Fax Server Software (integration with VoIP: seemless) all fax send/receive controlled by your email system

Microsoft Hosted Solutions:

* Hosted Exchange
* BPOS (Business Productivity Online Services)